Pilot turned engines off to avoid tragedy

The investigative commission formed by the Airbus manufacturing company from France, the Federal Aviation Administration Office from the United States, aeronautic authorities from El Salvador, Operation Technicians from Honduras and the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (Cocesna) have concluded that Taca’s Flight 390 pilot Cesare D’antony tried to land in the middle of the track and when he realized this he turned the engines off.

According to the first investigations done by the experts the pilot decided to turn all the engines off when he realized they weren’t able to lift the aircraft again which is what helped that the aircraft did not catch fire at the time of impact and cause an even bigger catastrophe.

The team of experts working at the site of the accident has started to dismantle the aircraft and will give out an official report on the cause of the accident as soon as they are done with their investigations.

Over 20 people are carefully examining every piece of the aircraft not wanting to miss any details, the technicians collect each piece and transfer them to a secure location. Tractors are removing the turbines indicating the circulation of vehicles will soon be enabled and the electricity will soon be back on.

This accident caused the death of five people, the pilot of the aircraft, the president of the Central American Bank of Economic Integration (BCIE), Harry Brautigam, the wife of the ambassador of Brazil in Honduras and two men who where crushed by the airplane while driving in their truck.

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