Special Police Unit Formed for LGBT Crimes

A special police unit has been formed which is dedicated to investigate crimes committed against members of Honduras’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) population.

The Sexual Diversity Unit will be overseen by the DNIC. The unit will work closely with local LGBT-rights advocates and organizations.

According to Oscar Aguilar, the Spokesman for the DINIC, “We know that many of these crimes are left unresolved due to a failure in determining the real causes, why they were committed, and that is the reason why the Sexual Diversity Unit was launched, to try to resolve them.”

“There are a number of agents dedicated to conducting research, along with a public prosecutor, who will be a permanent part of the unit. It is intended to respond to the immediate family,” he added.

The officers will undergo special training to learn specifically about the LGBT Community.

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