Pakistan Press Foundation Urges Honduran Government to Investigate Threats

Honduras News was asked to publish the following letter to President Lobo on behalf of the Pakistan Press Foundation.  It is included in its entirety, with no alterations or omissions. denies any responsibility or liability for the content contained therein nor the content of external news sources

Porfirio Lobo Sosa
President of the Republic of Honduras
Centro Cívico Gubernamental,
Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. Honduras

Your Excellency,

Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), an independent non-governmental organization committed to promoting and defending freedom of expression is concerned over the death threats to Itsmania Erohyna Pineda Platero, journalist, founder and head of the human rights organization Xibalba Arte y Cultur, by the police officers.

According to the Information received by the Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Platero has been constantly received online threats via skype and twitter, her email and blog have been targets of cyber-attacks, she has been barred several times from moving around freely and was forced to close her organization’s office.

She has registered a complaint but no action be taken so far, two senior police officers responsible for the journalist’s safety were removed from their posts. Their Commissioner was murdered soon afterwards. The protection passed to Victoriano Lopez Centeno, against whom she had made a number of allegations of criminal activities.

PPF condemns the death threats to journalist Platero and urges the government to conduct thorough investigation of the threats and to ensure protection for the journalist.

I thank you for your attention and will welcome your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Owais Aslam Ali
Secretary General
Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)
Press Centre
Shahrah Kamal Ataturk

Tel: +92 21 3263-3215
Fax: +92-21 3221-7069

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