President Lobo Accused of Violating the Constitution

Honduras PresidentThe Bar of Anti-Corruption Lawyers (La Barra de Abogados Anticorrupción) believes President Porfirio Lobo is violating the Constitution.

A complaint was lodged on Monday by representatives of the Bar of Anti-Corruption Lawyers, who consider that the President is breaking the Constitution by proposing the addition of a review committee to oversee the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

Article 4 of The Constitution of Honduras, refers to the independence of the three powers, meaning there should be no subordination among the relationships.

“We want the CSJ to defend the interests of the judiciary, which are the interests of all Hondurans,” said attorney Rafael Virgilio Padilla Paz. “We want a strong judiciary to vigorously defend the Constitution,” he added.

Last week, controversy ensued when President Lobo became upset that the CSJ claimed several decrees, approved by the Legislative and Executive branches of the government, were unconstitutional.

According to President Pepe Lobo, it is “unfair” that the government cannot create a court to review the decisions of the CSJ. According to the Bar lawyers, this is an “attack” on the CSJ by President Lobo.

Judge Carlos David Cálix emphasized that decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice are not based on surveys or levels of popularity.

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