President Lobo Declares a National Holiday for Honduras

President Lobo celebrates the Honduras National Football Team's qualification for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

President Lobo celebrates the Honduras National Football Team’s qualification for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

President Pepe Lobo declared Wednesday, October 16th, a national holiday in Honduras after the Honduras National Football Team qualified for the World Cup Brazil 2014. La Selección’s historic qualification was the result of a game that ended in a 2-2 tie against Jamaica last night.

On Tuesday, after the tenth and last day of the final round of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) World Cup qualifying for Brazil in 2014, President Pepe Lobo celebrated the second consecutive appearance of the Honduras National Team in a World Cup championship, and announced that this Wednesday has been declared a national holiday for the public, so that everyone can celebrate the achievement.

The President, who witnessed the match in the Morazán Hall of the Presidential House with members of the Presidential Honor Guard, government officials, and journalists, applauded the effort put in by the players, the coaching staff and the directors of the National Autonomous Federation of Football of Honduras (FENAFUTH), to achieve placement in the world championship.

President Lobo recalled when classification was obtained in 1981 for Honduras to participate in the world championship in Spain 1982, and in 2009, for South Africa 2010, and now, this year, they have classified to compete next year in Brazil 2014.

The president followed the broadcast of the football game minute by minute, and lived every moment of joy and suspense that took place during the glorious evening. He celebrated with Catracho pride, and held a party when our BiColor won the coveted ticket to the World Cup.

The Honduran president said that La Selección did a good job with their 2-2 draw against Jamaica, but said he had hoped for another outcome, but felt happy because the team did their best to give joy to eight and a half million Hondurans who celebrated (and are still celebrating) the classification.

The President of Honduras reported that he would travel to San Pedro Sula to personally receive the national team and coaching staff when they arrive in San Pedro Sula on a charter flight. (The flight arrived at 2:00 a.m. today.)

After the party, the president appeared on national radio and television, saying that this is a very special night, while he congratulated all the members of La Selección.

“The tenacity, effort, dedication, fortitude, and strength of our young men of La Selección has filled Honduras with glory. May I congratulate all the players who have made it possible that we are celebrating something historic and important for the country, also, Coach Luis Fernando Suárez, and the team of doctors and others who tend to La Selección. I equally congratulate the President of FENAFUTH.”

The President said that this is a time of celebration, but reminded people to be careful, because no one wants anything to happen to spoil the joy and excitement felt by all Hondurans. President Lobo has instructed members of the National Police, the newly implemented Military Police law enforcement (POMP – Policía Militar del Orden Público), and the Armed Forces to always act in support of safety, and to provide security in all places where people are celebrating.

The President said, “We won, we won! Honduras is in the World Cup 2014, and all compatriots celebrate this historic day for our great nation; and again, a thousand congratulations to the young men of La Selección,” he exclaimed.

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