President Lobo Responds to Accusations

Honduran President​President Lobo expressed his belief in his right to form a commission to review the decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

He stated that, “I have the right to know the truth, what the opinion of the issues are by lawyers, above all, because there are different points of view”. “This has no binding action on the Supreme Court of Justice … but as President I have the right to know the truth of what has been declared as unconstitutional…” President Lobo Sosa said.

He announced that on Wednesday he will meet with organizations of civil society working on social development programs, in order to get opinions from the outside of what the Government needs. “I am interested in helping me; I do not think that I alone know the truth; what I need is for others to tell me things, because there are people I meet who tell me valuable things…”, said the President.

He reiterated that “I have the right to know the truth, and this Commission of Constitutional Expert Jurists will tell me if the judgements issued by the judiciary are attached to law, because they may be wrong; only God can not be wrong”.

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