President Porfirio Lobo Sosa Addresses the Republic

A Letter From the Office of the President of Honduras


Yesterday we concluded, in Cartagena de Indias, the process that began on April 9th, with Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and
President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela.

I am pleased to inform all political forces and all those who advocated for the return of former President Zelaya, that we have signed agreements so he can return to his homeland, when he so considers.

I thank God, who has guided me along the way and has given me the
strength to make all the decisions which helped to consolidate the reconciliation process of the Honduran family.

Getting to where we are today has not been easy, party flags are respectable and necessary, but dwarfed the majesty of the flag of the country.

I want to extend a very special thanks to Colombia, Venezuela, and
their foreign ministers, whose mediation has facilitated the signing of this important agreement.

Also, the Central American countries, from Belize to Panama, the
Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, and the United States of
America, for their continued support and solidarity with the people and
Government of Honduras. Equally, I appreciate the interest expressed by all those Latin American and Caribbean countries.

My major motivation from the beginning of my mandate, has been serving my people, and the government has made an enormous effort to normalize relations with all countries in the hemisphere. In Nicaragua we restored relations within a framework of respect, and in support, the Central American countries ratified our full participation in the Central American Integration System, SICA.

Very soon, and with the support of most American countries, we hope to have Honduras incorporated into the OAS.

I want to make clear that the signed Agreement for National Reconciliation serves the best interests of the Nation and was undertaken with strict compliance with the laws and the Constitution of the Republic.

We have guaranteed the safe return of the ex president of Honduras
José Manuel Zelaya, as well as that of the former officials of his
administration, who enjoy all the rights and guarantees
under the Constitution as does every citizen of our country.

We reaffirm the commitment of my Government to the unconditional respect for Human Rights, which we will continue to realize through
strengthening public policy in this area, and through the Secretary of Justice and Human Rights.

It is important to recognize the commitment of the National Congress to Honduras, whereby through the recent amendments to Article 5 of
our Constitution, the people can be consulted without constraints, and participate directly in the decisions, political, social, and economic, through the constitutional figures of the plebiscite and the referendum.

I want to express to each and every Honduran male and Honduran female, that my greatest commitment is to you, my people.

We hope that the actions we have taken mark a new stage of social and political life in our country, and the groups who have been alienated can turn the page, and what commences, all together, to look toward the future, thinking only of solving problems that affect our people.

Seek together the welfare of our beloved nation. From the
first day, my government made a commitment to all Honduran men and Honduran women to fight for peace, reconciliation and national unity; today, with satisfaction, I can say to my people that we are fulfilling that word and continue along this path for the sake of Honduras.

Thank you very much.

6 Responses to "President Porfirio Lobo Sosa Addresses the Republic"

  1. Poolshark  May 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    When I flew over Cuba, it was desolate. No developement, no roads, on farms, nothing. That is what communism gets you. If you look Nicaragua on the map, no roads, no towns, nothing except a few villages on the Honduras border

  2. axel reyes bogran  May 24, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Parece mentira, censuraron mis comentarios que ya habian sido aceptados, necesitan mas prueba de que Lobo tiene buen maestro?

  3. Rabina  May 24, 2011 at 11:10 am

    I agree 99% with you Poolshark. The only exception is your 10 second time frame. I am SURE Zelaya already has his plans well in place to steal the country blind and he will do so in a New York minute. (which is less than one second!) I had such high hopes for Mr. Lobo but those hopes sadly are long gone. My heart is broken for all Hondurans. There will never be justice .

  4. Poolshark  May 24, 2011 at 9:51 am

    This ia an admirable hope, but Zelaya will be Zelaya. It won’t be long before he finds a new way grab money, attention and fame. He will not go quietly into retirement for long. I give him about 10 seconds.

  5. Axel Javier Reyes Bogran  May 24, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Well, well, well, now Honduras has gained praise and acceptance by all the Socialist Dictators and Dictator Wannabes in the region, all the countries named in Lobos address have been tainted by the lies of the Socialist Agenda.
    Us Hondurans always like to blame somebody else for the cause and reason of our problems, well, in this case I hope our people have a little more courage and be willing to accept their fault and blame.
    Many months ago Hugo Chavez mentioned that if Porfirio Lobo Sosa was to be the replacement for Zelaya, it would make it even easier for him.

  6. Axel Javier Reyes Bogran  May 24, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Cualquiera creeria que esta leyendo una carta escrita por Hugo Chavez.
    El Comunista de Lobo le entrego a nuestro pais a esa pacotilla de
    ” Dictadores Presidentes”, todos los paises que menciona por nombre tienen gobiernos con tintes Socialistas, incluso la administracion actual de los USA, asi qie preparense Hondureños, no tuvieron el valor para actuar, ahora les cae el manto, o como dicen por alla, “Los Arropo la Bruja”. Sigan esperando olmos del higo, el socialismom no repara las condiciones de piases como el nuestro, sino preguntenle a esos millones de Cubanos que se han tirado al mar para escapar de la tirania Socialista que rige en esa Isla, miren en España como el pueblo esta castigando al Gobierno Socialista por ser ‘tan inefectivo’, porque se quieren cegar a la realidad de que para arregalra a Honduras tienen que levantarse del sillon (o la banca) y tomar las riendas en sus manos?
    Tengan cuidado digo yo, porque se estan dejando cegar por la pereza.
    Despues no se quejen de que los engañaron, si Lobo es amigo de Chavez, el signo de peligro esta pintado en la pared de un tamaño tal que se ve desde aca por los USA.

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