President Lobo to Hear Views on National Constituent Assembly

President Porfirio Lobo, has invited members of the National Resistance Front, the Civic Democratic Union (UDC), the Liberal Resistance, and Catholic and Evangelical church representatives to a dialogue Monday at the Government House.

The main topic will be convening the national constituent assembly.

Notices were sent to Juan Barahona and Edgardo Casaña, leaders of the Resistance Front, and Carlos Eduardo Reina, coordinator of the Liberal Resistance Front.

“The President has invited political parties, churches, and representatives of society to come and talk to him about the important issues they have,” according to Communications Minister, Miguel Angel Bonilla. “He will meet separately with them about their views on various national issues.”

Liberal Resistance coordinator, Carlos E. Reina said, “We think it’s a positive step.”

Coordinator of the UDC, Jimmy Dacareth, said it is important to enter into a dialogue, “We would like to have a meeting with the entire civil society.” and “We believe that the constitutional issue is affecting the economy of the country.”

Scheduled Meeting Times for Monday:

9:00 to 10:50 – National Resistance Front
11:00 To 12:50 – Liberal Resistance
2:00 To 3:50 – Civic Democratic Union

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