President Lobo to Visit CSU

President Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo will tour the Colorado State University ‘Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory’ on Monday, Nov. 8th. He will be joined by the Foreign Minister, Environment Minister, head of the ENEE, banking executives, and private energy developers interested in clean and renewable energy technology.

Honduran President to Visit CSU

Students at EECL in Colorado

The purpose of the visit is for the Honduran government officials and private sector representatives to see the new developments in renewable energy. The Honduran officials hope to deepen existing ties and cultivate new links between Honduran and U.S. renewable energy interests in the public and private sectors.

The Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory [EECL], which is part of the Colorado State University College of Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering Department, is world renowned for developing sustainable solutions to some of the world’s largest environmental problems.

As many as 60 students – half of them undergraduates – work directly on projects that improve the efficiency of large engines, create and test renewable energy applications on the electric grid, and bring cleaner burning products – such as efficient, cleaner, two-stroke engines and cooking stoves – to the developing world.

Much of the laboratory’s funding comes from industry partners such as Woodward Governor Co., Caterpillar Inc. and John Deere, but the EECL has developed a history of helping to launch new companies such as Envirofit International, which is a non-profit technology leader that uses sustainable, scalable business models to solve global health and environmental problems.

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