President Zelaya accuses USA of being coup promoter

The president of Honduras, Manuel Zelya attacked the embassy of the United States which he accused of being promoter of Coup d’états, invasions and nation rises from Central America.

He added that ex ambassador Charles Ford proposed he give him political asylum in our country to Luis Posadas Carriles, Zelaya refused this proposal.

The president defended the president of Venezuela at all times from all the criticism Hugo Chavez received from different business and political groups during the Alba signing ceremony.

Zelaya said Chavez only came to express his ideas and we should respect them, and that he shares his same ideas.

He then announced that as of September 1st, a salary adjustment of 70% will be given to all minimum wage government employees. He is doing this to give an example to the rest of the private sector so they can do the same with their employees.

Zelaya has given instructions to the Secretary of Finance to adjust the salaries to all government employees in relation to the cost of life, for example, if and employee makes 3,000 lempiras a month, it will be increased to 5,500 lempiras which represents 70% increase.

The president has also instructed Finance to prepare the funds and make the necessary transfers to in order to grant economic aid to the more than 225 thousand Honduran families living in extreme poverty in Honduras.

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