Protest Against New Taxes

Members of the National Popular Resistance Front marched in Tegucigalpa today in protest of the fiscal package approved by Congress. The march began about 8:00 am from La Merced Park in Tegucigalpa, and culminated with a sitdown in the basement of the National Congress.

The Honduran Secondary Teachers’ Association (COPEMH) President, Eulogio Chavez, said in remarks to the national press that the protest took place to denounce the “gross tax increase prescribed by the government,” which will affect all, including the poorest in the country.

The “fiscal paquetazo” includes increases in the price of energy, telephone, internet services, rental housing, and cars, as well as liquor, cigarettes, and soft drinks.

The demonstrators also demanded a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage in order to face the high cost of living in the country

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