Protests in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa

Human rights organizations, church representatives, store owners, businessmen, lawyers, and others joined journalists in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa to demand justice for the targeted group.

The most recent murder of radio journalist Luz Marina Paz has sparked outrage among citizens across Honduras, who are seeing cold blooded murder being used as a remedy to quiet those who exercise their right to free speech.

Signs were held at the march such as, “Truth is not killed by murdering journalists.” Protesters condemned the crimes and threats against media personnel, and demanded the government put a stop to these attacks.

Congress has attempted to band-aid Honduras’s crime wave by passing two measures, the first one would be implemented temporarily, for a period of six months, and prohibits more than one person on the same motorcycle. The other is a far more stringent assault on the freedom of speech, and allows for officials to wiretap and record conversations of suspected criminals.

President Porifiro Lobo is currently out of the country, but upon his return, must decide if he will sign the bills into law.

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