Rapid Response Team Heading to Honduras

In Honduras, 279,000 people are currently affected by the floods and 33 have died as a result. Over 2,200 homes were completely destroyed with an additional 11,000 houses damaged by the floods. Several thousands have taken refuge in emergency shelters as all but one of the country’s 18 state departments have been flooded and 40% of municipalities in Honduras are affected by the flooding. The government of Honduras declared a state of emergency on October 19th and has formally requested humanitarian assistance. Some of the affected areas are only accessible by boat, impeding the frequency and speed of delivery of aid.

GlobalMedic will be deploying 5 members of its Rapid Response Team (RRT) to both Honduras and Guatemala. In total, GlobalMedic will be sending the teams with 21 Water Purification Units, which will have the capacity to provide 50,000 people with clean drinking water each day. The water purification systems include an Explorer unit capable of providing 64 litres per minute of clean drinking water to be used in high density areas. 15 portable briefcase sized Trekker units produce 4 litres a minute and are going to be installed in isolated areas where displaced persons are seeking refuge including schools and churches. The teams will also be distributing 3 million Aquatab Water Purification tablets. One tablet will purify one litre of water. The teams will also be donating a consignment of Oral Rehydration Sachets.

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