Rasel Tome Returns to Honduras

Attorney Rasel Tome, adviser to former President Manuel Zelaya Rosales, arrived at the Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa today.

Tome has a warrant out for his arrest for the crime of abuse of authority when he was the manager of Conatel for allegedly giving out an irregular frequency to a businessman in San Pedro Sula.

Approximately 12 people waited for Rasel Tome to arrive, all chanting his name, while the press attempted to get a statement. Tome said that, “despite being in exile, we bring a message of national reconciliation; the Honduran people must have the conditions to restore democracy and return to live in a democratic state.”

The lawyer was in exile with the family of Manuel Zelaya in the Dominican Republic. He left Honduras after staying in the Brazilian embassy since Sept. 21st, accompanying the family of the former president, who also has warrants out for his arrest.

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