Renewable Energy Means Bright Future for Honduras

The Honduran Renewable Energy Business Association (Asociación de Empresarios de Energía Renovable) believes that the recent approval by Congress of the decree by which the National Electricity Company (ENEE) will contract renewable energy producers through a bidding process will spark a wave of investments in clean energy in the country.

According to Emin Abufele, a member of the business association, this investment could top $600 million in Honduras. He sees approximately 53 wind, hydroelectric, and biomass power projects, which will have a total capacity exceeding 200 MW.

“This highlights the confidence prevailing in the country, and our understanding that failure to invest and not believe in Honduras will mean we will continue to rely on international handouts subject to conditions,” said Abufele.

The entrepreneur suggests that the process of rolling out these renewable energy projects will last between three and four years, and generate between 20 and 25 thousand direct jobs.

He adds that the projects will be developed throughout the country, particularly in rural areas.

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