Roatan’s Wind Farm – Ocean View

Roatan’s tourism industry is growing, increasing the demand for electricity along with it. This has been a challenge for the Roatan Electric Company (RECO) through the years, and a greener solution is underway.

RECO Wind Turbine

RECO Ocean View’s First Wind Turbine

RECO has studied offering alternative power options in order to reduce Roatan’s reliance on fossil fuels, but was discouraged by the fact that the solar energy source is only available 12 hours a day. Therefore, RECO considered other solutions, finally delving into providing electricity through wind generation.

RECO Roatan Wind Generator

Unit 20 begins operation

Roatan Wind Farm

Ocean View Wind Farm


The Ocean View wind farm is just months away from full implementation. The first wind turbine, Unit 20, went into service ten days ago, and 25 more turbines are currently being installed. (The entrance to Ocean View is located on the main road, just west of the Galaxy.)

Each turbine generates 150 Kilo-Watts, and with 26 units, capacity is expected to be 3.9 Mega-Watts (MW). Roatan’s maximum energy demand is currently 13MW, and RECO reported that on a light wind day, they would produce a total of 1MW.

The people of Roatan pay on average 6.83 lempiras per KW hour, but with the implementation of RECO’s new projects, the price will fall to 5.46 lempiras. The Ocean View wind farm project is expected to reduce the island’s energy cost by 20%.

RECO was established as a co-op in 1993, and in 2008, it was sold to in­vestor Kelcy Warren, and became a private company. That company is now investing $7 million in this wind project.

RECO expects that by 2017, the energy matrix on Roatan will diversify to 32% renewable energy, with 67% based on LPG gas.

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