Rollins Air Banned from Flying in the European Union

The European Union (EU) banned all operations to Europe by aircraft belonging to Rollins Air, the charter and leasing company registered in Honduras.

The EU’s latest blacklist, released today, banned three of Jordan Aviation’s Boeing 767s from flying to Europe as well. The charter company often works for the United Nations to transport its peacekeepers.

Siim Kallas, the EU commissioner responsible for transport, said the bloc could not accept any compromises when it comes to air safety.

“Where we have evidence … that air carriers are not performing safe operations, we must act to exclude any risks to safety,” he said.

The EU’s list of 281 airlines from 24 countries contains mostly smaller carriers from Africa and Asia who are banned from flying in European airspace. The list was established in 2006, and is updated regularly.

The list also includes 11 air carriers that are allowed to operate in Europe, subject to strict conditions and restrictions on which planes they can use. These include North Korea’s Air Koryo and Iran’s national flag carrier Air Iran.

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