San Lorenzo Receives U.S. Military

A ship of the U.S. Navy docked at the port of San Lorenzo in southern Honduras, with 80 crew members, reported the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

The vessel, Swift (HSV 2), arrived with members of the Naval and Marine Corps of the United States who participated with Honduran military and government agencies in the exchange of experiences and humanitarian support.

“We are focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as the possibility of joint operations with our partners in Honduras,” said mission commander, Mark A. Becker.

The embassy said the Naval Criminal Investigative Service exchanges knowledge with security personnel for ports and the military in areas such as the detention of persons, personal defense, and vehicle inspections.

A team of 20 marine engineers built a new classroom at the school Alvarado de Eneas, in San Lorenzo, and repaired the roof of the campus Lempira.

The crew delivered to the Peace Corps, an ambulance donated by the Rotary Club of Colorado, in the United States, through Project Handclasp, a U.S. Navy program carrying humanitarian aid around the world. Along with the crew of the Swift (HSV 2), four doctors provided prenatal care and first aid courses, as well as treatment for infectious diseases and malnutrition.

This is the third visit by the U.S. Marines to Honduras; the first took place in 2007, when they were in Puerto Castilla and Puerto Cortes, and the second was in 2009, when they visited La Ceiba.

The ship will leave Honduras on March 21st, bound for Nicaragua.

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