San Pedro Business Doing Well

Sampedrano businessman William Sabillón, is an exporter who sells “nostalgic” items from Honduras to the United States and some Caribbean countries. He is convinced that those so-called nostalgic products (cazabe, coconut bread, and spices among other things) could see an increase in exportation by as much as thirty (30) percent.

Sabillón expects to open new markets this year, such as to Belize and the Dominican Republic.

He noted that in the case of The United States of America, “the Honduran products have a high demand in the Latino market, especially in the area of Florida; also in the North, such as New York and Washington”.

His business is already exporting several containers there per quarter. “We are sending (to the United States) an average of 50 to 80 thousand boxes,” he explained. His company has a new line of Creole pre-packaged items, such as red beans, blended and whole, that he believes will be quick sellers.

People living in other countries seem drawn to these items because they provide a “taste of home” without all the preparation.

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