San Pedro Mayor Files Human Rights Complaint

alcalde sps The sampedrano Mayor, Dr. Juan Carlos Zúniga, through his legal representative, lawyer Rubén Mendoza Díaz, filed a complaint with the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras.

The complaint was lodged indicating that the Mayor, Juan Carlos Zúniga Monge, and his family have suffered defamation of character; a violation of their honor and personal dignity, reputation and physical integrity.

The brief, submitted to the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights by the Mendoza lawyer, establishes that Mayor Juan Carlos Zúniga has suffered from constant attacks against his personal dignity, reputation, honor and integrity by a communication medium writing in the country. The Mayor believes they have violated his family’s constitutional guarantees and human rights, and with that understanding, this complaint is based on articles 65, 68 and 76 of the Constitution of the Republic; and Article 11 of the American Convention on human rights.

Additionally, Mendoza alleges that its representatives have sent him, on his mobile phone, a series of threats against the moral and physical integrity both of him and his family. The mobile phone messages transcripts were each attached, verbatim, to the complaint.

Regarding the TSC Report

Concerning the report of the Superior Court, the TSC, regarding the municipal budget of 2010 for San Pedro Sula, Mayor Juan Carlos Zúniga clarified that this year’s budget has increased because the current administration assumed responsibility for payment of all debts and wage arrears acquired by previous administrations.

“The municipality in 2010 assumed all debts that were not paid in 2009, as well as the commitments made in the area of solid waste, advertising, and employment benefits,” said the Mayor, after ensuring that these debts will be paid.

The Mayor reiterated that the doors of communication are open. They may carry out any investigation they which wish to, because there is nothing to hide; this is a portal of transparency with information relating to jobs and wages of the employees and municipal officials.

The objective of the current administration of San Pedro Sula is to do things well, and work correctly within the framework of the law, according to Dr. Zúniga.

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