San Pedro Mayor Yet Unknown

The decision on who will lead San Pedro Sula is not yet clear. Candidates from the Liberal and National Party simultaneously announced last night their triumph.

The National Party candidate, Arturo “Tuky” Bendana, said he was certain to be acknowledged as mayor of the industrial capital, with the support of his followers.

But while he announced his triumph, his top opponent, the Liberal Juan Carlos Zuniga, did the same. He asked the TSE to tally all the votes before San Pedro Sula hears the results of the close race, and he says he won by at least 10%. “I think that now we must unite as one country, we know we have new people who want to serve the city,” he said.

Both contenders pledged to work with honesty to bring order to the financial coffers of the industrial city. Candidates have in common that both are doctors of great reputation, who have the recognition of thousands of San Pedranos.

According to preliminary data, the difference in votes is minimal between the two candidates. Once the report is submitted by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Hondurans will know which candidate was chosen to be the Mayor of San Pedro Sula for the years 2010 — 2014.

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