San Pedro Sula Prison Situation Update

Contrary to a statement from the official spokesman to the media yesterday, the San Pedro Sula prison is still, in part, controlled by inmates. One section, module 18, is being held by the prisoners. Requests from the inmates in this area, for food, clothing, and time to be left alone, are being honored by prison authorities and police, in compliance with President Lobo’s order to avoid the loss of more lives.

A Cobra team is standing by, ready to overtake the prisoners, but after a visit from the Auxiliary Bishop of San Pedro Sula, Rómulo Emiliani yesterday, the police have been appeased to play the prisoners’ waiting game.

The conflict at the prison allegedly began after one of the non-gang-related prisoner coordinators, appointed by the authorities to impose discipline, informed several men in module 18 that they were to be transferred to another prison. A confrontation ensued, and the inmate coordinator was beheaded.

Meanwhile, relatives of the prisoners are anxious to visit their loved ones inside the penitentiary, wishing to see for themselves, that their relatives are safe.

Weapons from guards of the prison are being inspected to determine if any of the prisoners were shot by prison personnel, or other inmates.

The incident occurred just 45 days after the tragedy that left 361 killed in the Comayagua prison, 90 km north of the capital, one of the worst prison disasters of the world.

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