Santa Barbara Fortress Being Restored

Local authorities announced the start of the reconstruction of one of the Santa Barbara fortress walls that was damaged more than two years ago from a geological fault.

In addition to the wall, part of the timber and the roof of the museum of this historic venue will be repaired. The Santa Barbara fortress in Trujillo has been in disrepair since 2008, due to a lack of funds. The most visible damage is to the perimeter wall of the West side of the fortress, which, at any time, could collapse entirely.

Tania Guardado, responsible for the administration of this historic monument, reported that they have been soliciting the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History, (IHAH) to restore it, but due to a lack of funds in the budget, it has not been possible.

According to Guardado, the funds have finally been approved, “So we hope that 2012 is a year for changes in the restoration of the Santa Barbara fortress. It is necessary to address the problems which have threatened much of this monument”.

According to estimates, it will require half a million lempiras to restore more than forty meters of damaged walls, and repair the roof of the museum, “…with this figure, we believe that we will attend to these problems that many tourists have recommended solving”.

In addition to the deterioration, a low number of tourists is another factor that increases the already difficult situation of this place of great historical value, “This is due to the economic crisis and the poor condition of roads.” … “That one we have felt this year. The arrival of visitors has been low compared to other years”, she explained.

The Santa Barbara fortress is one of the most visible witnesses of the colonial era. Elaborate stories surround it, of times when pirates and privateers would seize the city, which emerged as a strategic commercial point. Due to ongoing harassment, the need arose to build a fort to protect Spanish goods. This area was once so important, it was considered the capital of Honduras.

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