Persons Named to Security Reform Commission

The Government of Honduras announced that Víctor Meza, Matías Funes and Jorge Omar Casco will join “La Comisión de Reforma a la Seguridad”, created to clean out the corrupt elements of the Honduran national police force. The national police is experiencing one of the worst crisis in its history, as many of its members have been linked with organized crime and drug trafficking.

The announcement was made by the private Secretary to the President, Reinaldo Sanchez, who said, “the decision was made because they are of distinguished Honduran character”. He added that the choice was made on the recommendation of candidates for four seats in the National Congress, as well as by the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).

The Commission for the Reform of Security will be composed of five members, three national and two international. The international members have not yet been named.

Víctor Meza is a former Minister in the administration of Manuel Zelaya Rosales, and one of the negotiators (in representation of Zelaya) involved in reaching the Tegucigalpa – San Jose Accord.

Matías Funes is a University Professor, former candidate for the Presidency of Honduras, former member of the Central American Parliament, and one of the most respected analysts in the country.

Jorge Omar Casco is a former rector of UNAH, and a former member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which delivered a report on what happened in Honduras before, during, and after the political crisis stemming from the events of June 2009.

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