Shooting in Copan leaves 5 wounded

Three men and to minors where wounded as the result of a shooting that took place near the community of Quebrada Seca, jurisdiction of Nueva Arcadia, Copan.

The wounded are Francisco Munguia, 38 years old, Malvin Yadin Rivera, 26, Fredy Antonio Velasquez, 37, and the two minors are Carmen Mariela Canales of 5 years of age and Olga Enamorado of 12.

According to agents from the Direccion General de Investigation Criminal, DGIC (Criminal Investigation) from La Entrada in Copan, they found an abandoned car at the scene of the crime which was turned upside down in a river with a lot of gunshots. Witnesses say that one of the injured managed to drive a truck down to the police station from La Entrada, Copan where they were taken to the hospital in Santa Rosa de Copan.

Later that night, three of the victims where taken to the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in Tegucigalpa due to the gravity of their wounds.

The crime was committed at around 4:00 in the afternoon and according to family members, the victims where on their way to San Pedro Sula. According to the chief of police, the attempt was brought by a gang band called Pico de Rata.

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