Sosa Plane Hits Cow on Airfield

Utila, Honduras
This afternoon’s SOSA flight was interrupted by the presence of a cow crossing the Utila airport runway while the aircraft began to take off. The pilot attempted to avoid the animal, but the cow was killed, and the landing gear torn from the plane.

All 15 passengers aboard were shook up, but no one was seriously injured or killed.

A Sosa Airlines Plane, similar to the one shown here, hit a cow on Friday.

Sosa HR-ARE Plane

UPDATE – Saturday, September 17, 2011:

The Sosa flight that collided with a cow on the runway in Utila had originated in La Ceiba, Honduras. General consensus is that the fueseloge of the small plane was damaged. Locals, hearing of the event, immediately began to arrive at the airfield, offering help and assistance. After all arrangements for the passengers had been made, in typical Utilian fashion, the cow did not go to waste. Town officials directed for the animal to be removed and distributed for the population to consume.

Utila Bay Island

Location of the Island of Utila

See original Honduras News article here.

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