Suspect in Journalist’s Murder Hearing

Employer Mario Roberto Guevara Caballero, of La Ceiba, is one of four suspects accused of being involved in the death of journalist David Meza. His hearing is taking place today.

His initial hearing was to take place before the court yesterday, but the prosecution requested an extra day’s extension to conclude the investigative proceedings. The time was granted by the judge hearing the case according to Mr. Guevara’s legal representative, Attorney Manfredo Ruiz.

Mr. Guevara has maintained his innocence and says he will demonstrate such to the authorities. He voluntarily presented himself to the authorities this past Friday.

In defense of the accused, counsel Manfredo Ruiz argued that his client was out of the country on March 11th of this year, the day Mr. Meza was gunned down.

The Police are seeking Joel Alvarez, aka the Unicorn, Angel Adalberto Martinez Nunez, “Crazy Horse”, and Terry Dubon, “Ingo” in the same case; all are fugitives from justice.

David Meza was the Abriendo Brecha correspondent and news anchor for channels 45 and 36 of La Ceiba. He was murdered on March 11, 2010, at four in the afternoon in the neighborhood of Alameda, where heavily armed men shot repeatedly at the car he was in. The car crashed into a pole, and Meza died moments later.

Prior to surrendering on Friday, suspect Guevara sent a video to different media operators in La Ceiba, where he spoke for the first time about the situation in which he finds himself involved.

“I want to clarify, because I have been accused of being involved as a participant in the death of journalist David Montecinos Meza; that such accusations are false. I have not had anything to do it, however, I have been affected,” he said.

After obtaining proof that supposedly demonstrates his innocence, Mr. Guevara Caballero presented himself to the authorities, where amidst tears, he again claimed his innocence.

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