Taiwan Packages Honduran Coffee for Promotion

At the beverage exhibition in the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), for the first time in history, coffee beans native to Honduras have been packaged in Taiwanese promotional materials.

A Central American coffee-themed booth at the Taipei Tea, Coffee, and Alcohol Exhibition this past week, boasted the five major Central American coffee producers of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama in an effort to promote their native flavors to the world.

Especially unique to this year’s exhibition was the newly revealed flavorful cooperation between Taiwan and Honduras: the best coffee beans from six regions of Honduras, which were displayed in Taiwan-designed packages, and will be available in five major airports in Honduras.

“Our coffee beans are of highest value in the region,” said the Presidential Designee (Vice President) of Honduras, Samuel Reyes Rendon. Rendon is visiting Taiwan on the mission to introduce Honduras’s coffee to the world. Honduras is the largest coffee exporter in Central America, and is among the major suppliers of coffee to the Taiwanese market, with Honduran coffee beans frequently serving as a popular option for coffee blends, due to their balanced flavor.

As the global coffee market grows and coffee drinkers’ palates evolve, however, Honduras believes that it is time for its coffee to go solo.

After repeated cupping and testing, six different kinds of coffee beans native to Copan, Opalaca, Montecillos, Comayagua, Agalta, and El Paraiso El Paraiso of Honduras have been chosen and shipped to Taiwan for creative packaging.

“Each type of coffee bean has its own quality, taste, aroma, and texture,” the vice president pointed out, “and these specialties are now available to all in one compact package.”

Taiwan and Honduras’ cooperation on this coffee project has strengthened the two nations’ 70-year-long brotherhood, Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Honduras, Alejandro Young Portillo said, “Together we open doors to the world.”

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