Taiwan Plans to Boost Trade with Honduras

Evergreen Taiwanese shipping company recently opened a trade route between Puerto Cortes and Taipei, and plans to boost direct trade between Honduras and Taiwan, according to Wally Su, Economic Adviser for the Asian nation.

Evergreen is considered the world’s fourth largest shipping company by the number of vessels in its fleet, and cargo volumes mobilized, serving more than eighty destinations in as many countries.

The goal for Honduras is to mobilize some 120 containers per trip, which would be between 400 and 500 imports and exports a month. Evergreen has equipment to transport all kinds of goods. Sunday Honduras expects the arrival of a vessel with another 40 containers.

“This line will reduce costs between five and ten percent, for imported machinery and other products from Taiwan,” Wally Su stated.

According to data from the Chinese Embassy in Honduras, Taiwan’s trade with Honduras reached $100 million in 2008.

“With Evergreen shipping to Honduras, we are providing a way to improve the competitiveness of Honduran production, and exports of coffee and other products to Taiwan.”

The Taiwan China’s economic adviser, said that Honduran crafts can also be transported to other destinations from Puerto Cortes, like Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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  1. gonow  November 18, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    that sounds great as long as it is fair twoway trade taiwan is very aggresive in selling there ”stuff ” all over the world and ”shipping …crafts to taiwan ” would only last a few month than they will send the same thing back to you at a fraction of your price …..good luck…… [be carefull who you invite for dinner]…………

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