Taxis Takeover Roadway in Protest

Drivers of taxis and minibuses this morning overtook the access road to the Cerro Grande neighborhood, northeast of the capital of Honduras, causing chaos and backed up traffic in the area.

Residents of Cerro Grande and Kassandra had to walk at least a mile to access transportation to take them to their workplaces.

The carriers prevented passage toward the center of Tegucigalpa, calling for the Honduran authorities to repair the section of road that has remained for months in poor condition. The drivers argue that their vehicles are affected by the current situation.

In October of last year, the same neighborhoods protested the road condition and lack of sanitation and clean water. Again at the end of November, a protest was held. According to residents, the completion of the road was abandoned by the construction company responsible due to lack of payment by the government authorities a year ago.

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