Teachers Strike Yet Again

The leaders of the Teachers’ Association of Media Education in Honduras (COPEMH) announced that they will abandon their classrooms today and tomorrow, bringing the total days of school lost so far this year to 11.

The teachers are demanding government authorities reinstate ten departmental directors who were removed from office, along with two departmental secretaries and five district managers in different parts of the country.

The education authorities have reminded the instructors that if they do not attend their classes, money will be deducted from their salary. This is in accordance with the established “Estatuto del Docente”, or Teachers’ Statute.

According to Vice Minister Juan Carlos Contreras, “The first thing to do is appoint a committee to visit schools, and thoroughly investigate. The findings from those investigations will determine the appropriate sanctions.”

Members of the Association of Parents have requested that if a teacher is not in school performing their duties, they not only don’t receive their pay, but are also removed from their position.

The teachers have asked for a magisterial mediator to resolve the conflict so that students do not have to miss any more classes.

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