Tegucigalpa Crash Update

The Central American Airways plane that crashed in Cerro de Hula during its approach to Tegucigalpa was on route from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa.

Weather is being considered the cause at this point, as the Let 400 aircraft was a newer plane, with the latest technology, and had only 3,000 hours of use when purchased. The company had added another 1,500 hours of flight time since then, and the typical life of this plane is 25,000 hours. The aircraft had a flight recorder and a “black box”.

CEO of Central American Airways is currently in Roatan, unable to get to Tegucigalpa at this time. He said they are communicating with the families to inform them of the tragedy. The company will be finding out where they want the deceased body’s sent, and make those arrangements for the family. They are in contact with their insurance company, Palm Bank in Miami, to see what arrangements need to be handled.

The Foreign Minister, Mario Canahuati, reported he was to have been on that flight, but it was full, so he had to take another plane leaving 15 minutes later. Similarly, the Minister of the INA, Cesar Ham, said he fell asleep and was late to the airport, so he did not catch that flight he was scheduled to be on.

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