Tegucigalpa Anniversary Celebrations Postponed

After a tour of the most vulnerable areas of the city following the effects of Tropical Depression Matthew on the capital, Mayor Ricardo Álvarez and his board of aldermen determined it was necessary to maintain the emergency alert, and stop celebrations in honor of the 432nd anniversary of the capital.

The only traditional activities that will take place are the procession of St. Michael the Archangel, and the Mass in honor of the patron saint of Tegucigalpa. These events will be held on Wednesday, September 29, 2010.

The municipal authorities announced that the events will be held at a later date, when the emergency state has passed.

This determination was made by the Municipal Corporation and recommended by COPECO and the Municipal Emergency Committee, which agreed that although Matthew is now a depression and has passed through the country, the convergence of large amounts of water could cause disasters in the city.

Prior to the meeting of the Corporation, the mayor toured markets in Comayagüela in order to determine if the situation in the area was normal. To ensure there was no flooding in the markets, the mayor instructed El Sapo creek to be dredged to clear away the sand and debris. From the clearing, about 400 tons of sediment was collected; which, if not removed would have caused the overflow of the creek, and extensive damage to Comayagüela.

The mayor moved on to other areas of Tegucigalpa, such as El Berrinche to learn about the movements that have arisen in this area, considered a time bomb, as a slip would cause a major flood in lower Comayagüela, affecting Abajo, La Concepción and La Concordia.

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