Tela Tourism Project, Indura, ‘Pre-Inauguration’ Tomorrow

Honduras is on scenic display at the Indura Golf and Beach Resort in Tela, and eager to welcome upscale vacationers to the uniquely beautiful tourist complex.

The lively green landscape of the golf course designed by legendary international golfer Gary Player will challenge enthusiasts and reward them with ocean views, as waves  peacefully roll onto the sand.  The dream becomes a reality on Wednesday, November 6th, at a pre-inauguration celebration of the project.  The Indura Golf and Beach Resort was was originally scheduled to be open in December, but is now expected to be open to the public and at the end of January or beginning of February, 2014.Indura Golf Resort, Tela, Honduras

Architect José Antonio Gutiérrez, General Director of Tourism Development for the Bay of Tela (DTBT – Desarrollo Turístico Bahía de Tela (DTBT), spoke of the Indura Beach & Golf Resort project and the importance of the resort.

“The project has very important non-tangible goals.”  …  “We want to generate more employment and help improve the quality of life of the people in the area,” he said.

According to the DTBT architect, in this phase they completed four main elements. The first is the 18 hole golf course operated by Troon Golf, a world leader in the management of courses for the sport.

Indura Golf Course

Indura Golf Course, Hole 12

The second is the five-star hotel, which has 60 rooms, and will be managed by Hospitality Trust, a company that runs several hotels around the world. The third component is real estate, in which the project offers two-bedroom condos and lots for sale.

Indura Villas in Tela

Inside of Indura Villas in Tela

The fourth element is all areas of management and service. People will be trained to provide care at the highest level of the most demanding customers.

“Those are the four areas that ultimately will be open between January and February of 2014,” Gutiérrez said.

Publicity has begun in the country and abroad, “We are doing parallel public relations work in Honduras and internationally. We are telling the story of the project of Indura in the best tourism magazines, and world executives are being encouraged to come to the country.”

To date the project has generated at least 1,500 direct jobs, through the construction of the tourist complex, and 3,000 indirect jobs. Now that they are entering the operation phase, they hope to generate 400 direct positions and at least 800 indirect.  This is the beginning of the project, and the group has confidence that it will continue to grow over the next 10 or 15 years, providing a source of employment for the long term.

“The benefit for Garifuna communities can be seen by just walking by the Indura project, as much work has been created for them. In the area of golf alone, 75% of the staff is from the Garifuna community, and the other 25% are people from Tela. 100% are workers from the area. At the hotel, 50% of the staff will be Garifuna, and 25% will be Teleños, making a total of 75% employees from the area …” he explained.

Relax in the Bay at Indura Resort in Tela

Relax in the Bay at Indura Resort in Tela

The Minister of Tourism, Nelly Jerez, believes that the resort showcases Honduras as an attractive place to invest.
“This gives a positive image of the country. It shows that Yes, there can be investment in Honduras, and shows foreigners that it is possible to do large projects on Honduran soil. Not only in hotelery, but in various areas”.

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