Television Reporter Shot in Honduras

A television reporter was shot and wounded in San Pedro Sula Friday evening, according to an employee of Channel 6 Television Station in Honduras.

“My colleague, Edy Andino, has (gunshot) wounds in the legs and back, but thanks to God, his condition is stable,” reported Orlin Castro, a camera man for the station.

Andino was driving on Friday night when four individuals in another vehicle opened fire, Castro said. Castro helped take the reporter to a private clinic. Edy Andino was driving to his house in San Pedro Sula’s Montefresco district when he was attacked, Castro said.

Investigators are working on the theory that the shooting is linked to a botched car robbery, a police spokesman said. Andino’s vehicle is “one of the favorites” of car thieves, according to the police. Three teams of investigators are working on the case.

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