The Bay Island of Utila wins the Honduras Fishing Tournament – 2013

After a very long and intensive few days fishing in Honduras by the Club de Pesca del Caribe – Honduras, C. A. (Honduras Fishing Club) there was a very tense moment between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Saturday May 4th 2013 while the judges in Omoa Honduras tallied up the results.

Here are a few pictures of the tournament, for the full story see the report on Where are we page.

The Winners!

Club de Pesca winners in Honduras - Utila Bay Island

Club de Pesca Honduras – Winners in Honduras – Utila Bay Island

About the Club de Pesca de Honduras (Honduras Fishing Club)

Here is the Catch that won the Billfish Tournament in Honduras May 2, 3. and 4th of 2013 !

Honduras has a lot to offer, Todo esta aqui! Come visit our wonderful country and while you are at it learn how to catch the biggest fish in Honduras on the Bay Island of Utila.

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