Three Hondurans Among the 12 Richest Central American Millionaires

According to Forbes Magazine in Honduras, the poorest and most unequal country in Central America, three of its businessmen make the list of the 12 richest millionaires in Central America.

Forbes which specializes in the world of business and finance, Miguel Facussé, Jaime Rosenthal and Mohamad Yusuf Amdani Bai, whose companies have global dividends which may soon bring them to a select group of billionaires.

Facussé, in the 11th place among Central American millionaires, is president of Dinant Corporation, distributor of food, cleaning supplies and other consumer products, with more than half a century of existence and extensive operations in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Also, Facusee is going into agribusiness, biodiesel, biogas and other sectors.

Jaime Rosenthal

Jaime Rosenthal chairman of the Continental Group

Rosenthal, comes in at number six, according to a recent millionacres review, he is chairman of the Continental Group which operates in banking, real estate, technology, energy, telecommunications, newspapers and agribusiness.


Mohamad Yusuf Amdani Bai head of the Karim Group

The fifth place is the Honduran Amdani Bai, head of the Karim Group headquartered in Pakistan, whose fortune was amassed by businesses of different companies that belong especially in textiles and real estate-in the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and the United Arab Emirates.

Other publications refer to the list compiled by Forbes and some of them they note the paradox involves the inclusion among the wealthiest of several entrepreneurs Honduras, one of the lowest income in Latin America, with more than 64.5 percent of households in poverty and 42.6 percent in extreme poverty, according to the United Nations Program for Development.

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