Toncontin Re-opens

Business owners and airport employees awaited anxiously for the arrival of the first international flight type C and D from Copan Airlines to land at the Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa since it was closed down last may after the tragic accident of an airbus aircraft from Taca Airlines.

A business owner at the airport said “we are waiting for the arrival of type C and D flights as if it was Christmas”.

The arrival of aircrafts with more than 42 passengers is something positive for Tegucigalpa and its citizens, especially for those who depend on the economic movement that takes place at the Toncontin International Airport.

The Copa Airlines operation manager, Martin Rosales informed on Saturday that the arrival of B-737-700 aircrafts to Tegucigalpa was scheduled to arrive at the Toncontin Airport with 100 passengers.

Toncontin will start operating again by following the recommendations given by Civil Aeronautics that is protected by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

Rosles added that the first international flight to land is coming in from Panama and Costa Rica.

Toncontin presented a different panorama compared to the previous days, due to the Taca Airlines plane crash occurred this past May where the president Manuel Zelaya order the closing of the airport for international flights.

The government and airport comitees have been discussing the re-opening of international flight at the Toncontin airport for over 40 days.

After various meetings between both parts without reaching any definitive agreement, until this past june 28th where both sides agreed to an arrangement to put an end to this conflict.

But in a meeting held at the Presidencial House, the capital’s mayor Ricardo Alvarez refused to sign the agreement saying that this would cause the termination of Tonconting.

Employees and business owners from the different commercial centers from Toncontin are crossing there fingers so they wont have to go thru a similar problem again.

The closing of Toncontin as an international airport caused losses of over 500 million lempiras.

The new agreements accomplished establish that the operations will continue at the Toncontin airport by using the recommendation from the ICAO.

The government has assured that the final agreement reached on July 5th at the presidential house was for the Toncontin airport to re-open temporarily while they continue with the procedures to have Palmerola function as the new capital’s international airport in Comayagua.

Ricardo Alvarez said they signed for Toncontin to keep functioning with C and D type aircraft simultaneously with Palmerola.

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