Tribute to El Progresso Man Held in the USA

On Saturday, United States citizens will hear the vibrant rhythms and captivating sounds of the Garifuna culture in New York. “Sol Garifuna” led by the renowned music composer, Aurelio Martinez, will also include other musical groups such as Remolino, Shabakan, Yurumein Band, Juan Noralez and “El Cabo”.

The performers will have four hours to delight the audience of “The Big Apple”. This event is being performed to collect funds for the family members, and to give tribute to the garifuna artist that passed away in a tragic accident recently in El Progreso, Honduras.

The tragedy of the Honduran artist has moved international Latin, Jazz and Hip Hop music stars, who have offered their support through their participation in the recording of the song “Tributo”, under the production of Aurelio Martinez, Chris Theberge, Paula Castillo, Giovanni Hidalgo and Jay Rodriguez.

Sol Garifuna was born to share the live expression of this ethnicity, with music that sends social and educational messages. This event marks the birth of the Sol Garifuna foundation, in which they plan to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for the Garifuna population, primarily along the Atlantic coast of Honduras.

[The concert will take place at 310 West, 43 Street between avenues 8 and 9 in Manhattan, New York, where hundreds of members of the Honduran Community, Latin, and general public will join for this event. It will start at 6pm on November 13th. For more information, please contact or call 718-991-2233.]

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