Trujillo Tourism Development Project Begins

Canadian “Porn King” Randy Jorgensen’s tourism “development” projects are stirring up conflict and destroying afro-descendant Garifuna communities in Trujillo on the north coast of Honduras

Jorgensen, president of the Canadian pornographic video store chain Adults Only Video, through his real estate development company Life Vision Properties (based in Trujillo, Honduras), plans to convert a beautiful coastal area of Trujillo into a large scale tourism project that includes a series of vacation home developments and a cruise ship dock, displacing and destroying indigenous Garifuna communities.

Since 2008, the local Garifuna community organization, OFRANEH (Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras) has denounced that the “Porn King” and his Life Vision Properties are illegally purchasing land belonging and titled to Garifuna communities. (Since 1998, Rights Action has supported the community development, environmental defense and human rights work of OFRANEH)…continue Garifuna news article here.

One Response to "Trujillo Tourism Development Project Begins"

  1. Trujillo Patty  February 16, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    These “developers” say they want to boost the economy of Trujillo, but refuse to hire local contractors to work on development of the project. They also claim to be building an eco-friendly project. There is absolutely no way to build an ecologically friendly port. There is no way you can dump 8,000 extra people in a little town whose infrastructure is fragile without destroying the town. Once again the pueblo loses.

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