TSE Releases Final Election Numbers

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), this afternoon announced the official results of winners of the elections of November 29th for the positions of President, presidential appointees, 128 Members of Congress, the 298 municipal corporations, and 20 Members of Parliament Central (PARLACEN).

National judge President Saul Escobar, David Matamoros, Enrique Ortez Sequeira and Denis Gomez, alternate judge, and the general secretary, Alejandro Martinez, unveiled the results of the final declaration.

At the presidential level, the National Party (PN) won with 1,213,695 votes (i.e. 56.56%), and Porfirio Lobo Sosa was elected as the new President of Honduras, for a period of four years, starting January 27, 2010. His main opponent, Elvin Ernesto Santos, won 817,524 of the votes (i.e. 38.09%).

For their part, the other presidential level candidates received votes as follows: Innovation and Unity Social Democratic Party (PINU-SD), with the candidate Bernard Martinez, standing at 39,960 votes, came in third with 1.86%, the candidate for the Christian Democrats (DC), Felicito Avila won 38,416 votes at 1.69%, and the Democratic Unification Party (UD) recorded 36,420 votes for 1.60%.

In addition to the total votes of 2,300,056 counted: 2,143,012 were valid, 61,740 blank, and 92,604 were null.

The TSE confirmed that the next three presidential appointees are: Maria Antonieta Guillen, Samuel Armando Reyes Rendon, and Victor Hugo Barnica Alvarado.

In the Honduran Parliament, Members are: Roberto Ramon Castillo Lainez (PN), Mauro Membreno (PN), Juan Carlos Alvarez,(PN), Emil Hawit Medrano (PN), Jorge Abudoj Friccione (PL), Julio Eduardo Sarmiento Galindo (PN), Gloria Guadalupe Oqueli (PL), Wilfredo Cerrato Duron (PN), Vidal Antonio Flore (PL), Roberto Emilio Argueta Reina (PL), Armando Bardales Paz (PN), Jose Arquimides Melgar (PN), Carlos Roberto Montoya (PL), Carlos Ernesto Vargas Pineda (PN), Angel Andres Matute (PN), Oscar Armando Escalante (PN), Hector Vidal Cerrato (PL), Jorge Rafael Paredes (PINU-SD), Lucas Evangelista Aguilera Pineda (DC), and Engell Martin Pineda Garcia (UD).

4 Responses to "TSE Releases Final Election Numbers"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 23, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    miraclemant, I hope you are right and on the next elections the American people wake up to their mistake in choosing Obama.

    He is really taking America for a ride.

  2. miraclemant  December 22, 2009 at 7:17 am

    it is too bad the USA does not follow the lead of Honduras and reject socialism/marxism, but unfortunetly obama and his cronies are taking the USA down the slippery slope of marxism, and very fast at that.

    with their national socialized health care now passing, more and more of what America has looked like for the past 200 plus years is quickly changing, and it is becoming more and more like europe, which is a very bad thing.

    But I believe that the vast majority of the silent majority of people are starting to wake up and see what is happening, and in the upcoming 2010 elections there may be a huge swing of the party that is currently in power that is “fundementally changing America” as president obama stated.

  3. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 22, 2009 at 7:05 am

    mel & hugo who??

    It is not importatnt that those 2 animals do not recognize anything, the killers that the resistance has unleashed in the country will be hunted down and dealt with, so they can pout all they want, Honduras has rejected socialism for many decades, and it is not going to stop now.

  4. gonow  December 21, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    i am sorry to tell you, it was a lot of work but; mel and hugo are not going to reconnize your election ………………

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