UNAH Signs for Broadband Internet

The National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and the Honduran Telecommunications Company (HONDUTEL) today signed an agreement to provide broadband internet to the university. Thousands of students will be using the service during the next enrollment period.

Jorge Roberto Maradiaga, dean of the Faculty of Law of the UNAH, reported that with the agreement to supply broadband internet, the highest level school in Honduras will be able to ensure that all students have faster access to educational resources. It will provide a better flow in the transportation of data and remove the current time constraints.

Maradiaga said the agreement will not create additional costs for tuition; it is a service offered for the university students. Internet access has been a “declared a human right” and is part of the “democratization of education” which should lead to a qualitative change in the UNAH.

To date, tuition costs have remained at 270 lempiras, and 350 lempiras for the re-entry of those who had discontinued their studies.

As of December 6th, first-time students and those re-entering the UNAH may make use of pre-enrollment to reserve seats in classes for the first period of 2011. The pre-registration period ends on December 16th.

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