USA Cancels More Visas

Five current government officials have had their visas to travel to the United States canceled.

Luis Ortez, Secretary of Youth; Myrna Castro, Minister of Culture, Gabriela Nunez, Head of Finance, Javier Valladares, Presidential Administrator, and Soptravi Minister, Rosario Bonano all had their visas revoked.

The government officials received the official documents from the U.S. Consulate.

“I received it with a bit of surprise because I thought I had no visa,” said Ortez, who was notified of the cancellation of his visa on January 15th.

Ortez read the note which stated that the U.S. was “encouraged by the honest participation and good faith during the San Jose talks, which led to the Guaymuras dialogue, and resulted in the signing of the Tegucigalpa/San Jose Agreement; however, the State Department now regrets that the ‘de facto’ government does not want to get involved in the reconciliation process, and thereby take concrete steps for Honduras to return to the international community. “

The note asked for their passports so they could proceed to stamp the visas canceled.

“I received it peacefully. If I am responsible for having accompanied President Micheletti in the defense of democracy, peace and freedom in this country, and it cost a visa, I will gladly not visit the country to the north,” said Ortez.

He said he had traveled to America to spend money, so now he can take the opportunity to do more domestic tourism, or visit other nations.

Castro confirmed the cancellation of his visa. “If it is to comply with the Constitution, I am honored that they cancel the visa,” he said.

It is surprising, he added, that after the general election, they are applying this kind of pressure. “There is a direct interference in our democracy and sovereignty. It hurts me they continue with these pressures” he said.

The officials are unusual targets, considering they have been the leading government officials with the overwhelming tasks to rescue the public finances, promote culture, and support our youth.

One Response to "USA Cancels More Visas"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  January 20, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    The Defacto Government.!!!

    There goes Hillary again implying that Honduras behaved wrongly, they do not want to let go.

    We should just have had Zelaya killed in some freak accident, just as the USA did with Torrijos after he managed to take the Panam Cannal away from them.

    It happens you know.

    I wonder how much did Hillary protest when leftist terrorists killed Somoza.

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