Washington Observers Statement

Statement on the National Elections in Honduras
November 29, 2009
Washington Senior Observer Group

At the invitation of the Union Civica Democratica and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the Washington Senior Observer Group traveled to Honduras to participate as international observers in the Honduran national elections of November 29, 2009. We joined over 600 observers from at least 31 countries who were present to observe and support the democratic process.

Members of this observer group visited over 75 different polling centers and entered hundreds of classrooms where the voting took place. We spoke with literally thousands of Hondurans. We witnessed the enthusiastic desire of thousands of Honduran citizens to cast their ballots. Many took time to thank us for our presence today. Without exception, they expressed confidence in the electoral system, pride in exercising their right to vote, and a profound hope that their election is a decisive step toward the restoration of the constitutional and democratic order in Honduras.

The voting stations were accessible to all, adequately supplied with carefully-controlled voting materials, and fully staffed and supported by national observers from participating political parties. We witnessed no voter intimidation by any group, individual, or party. While there was there was a police and military presence to provide security, we noted how the military and police conducted themselves in a professional manner. Incidents reported to us, such as late openings and locked voting stations, were quickly resolved and did not significantly disrupt the voting process. Our observations coincide with those reported by other observers and by the media throughout Honduras.

We witnessed a free, fair and transparent voting process conducted by committed and conscientious citizens.

We commend all members and volunteers of the TSE for the professional and independent manner in which they conducted today’s elections.

Members of the Washington Senior Observer Group included The Honorable Jerry Weller, former member of the House of Representatives: The Honorable Kerry Healey, Ph.D., former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts; The Honorable James F. Creagan, former U.S. Ambassador to Honduras; J. Edward Fox, former Assistant Administrator for Legislative and Public Affairs, U.S. Agency for International Development; Adolfo Franco, former Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean; U.S. Agency for International Development; Ray Walser, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation; Jim Roberts, The Heritage Foundation; Israel Ortega, The Heritage Foundation; Joseph Humire, Atlas Foundation; Jon Perdue, Fund for American Studies; Jim Colbert, Director of Communications, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs; Eric Fatla, New World Group; Nicholas Hanlon, Center for Security Policy; Luis Fleischman, Ph.D.; Center for Security Policy; Victor Cervino; Alberto Sandoval; and John Katchik.

Daniel “DOC” O’Connor

3 Responses to "Washington Observers Statement"

  1. gonow  December 2, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    with such a large groep of ” distinguist americans ” talking so positive about the election it would be very difficult for barack and hillary not to fall in line………

  2. Al  December 1, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Unfurtunately but true is the fact that money and power move the political forces in the world.
    Initially the ALBA nations condemned the so called “coup”. Communists are experts at taking one situation to create blame and drastic measures without seeing the situation panoramically and then taking measures and manipulating the situation to their advantage, to make them look good, since they are REALLY SO BAD. So Chavez saw this as an incredible way to gain support for his crumbling Socialism of the XXI Century in Venezuela. With his narco-oil money he has bought many governments in Latin America and the world. So it was easy to see The OAS , including Insulza to back up another Chavez puppet to be.
    The socialist government of Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a Chavez-friendly Valenzuela, responsible for US policy towards Latin America, immediately sided with Zelaya. But after being questioned by Republican Congressmen the State Department had to concede to the truth. There was no coup, and Honduras always preserved her Democracy with very strong institutions.
    Of course we cannot undermine the right choices of the Micheletti government and the wisdom of the Honduran people without which Zelaya, Chavez and the Castros would have gotten their way. Now all of this is history. Let us leave it in the past and just support Pepe Lobo because he has a difficult road ahead of him nationally and internationally.
    God bless Pepe Lobo and Honduras! We want no more Z’liars!!!!

  3. Axel Reyes Bogran  December 1, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    It is all good, unfortunally they just do not want to accept that they made a mistake when the accusations of a ‘Coupe d’Etat’ taking place were first issued, and as a consequence aid was cut off and the whole world looked a Honduras with angry eyes.

    The people of Honduras that were interviewed most definetly would not have used the term:

    “Restoration of constitutional and democratic order”
    Simply because there was no need to restore any of those, we never abandoned them.

    The ousting of Zelaya was both Constitutionally and Democratically sanctioned, since he was ousted for braking the Constitution and the laws that were applied were democratically agreed upon a few years back.

    If anything, ousting Zelaya was a move that actually preserved both.

    Come on USA, do the right thing, admit your mistake a nd the gravity of its consequences when you attacked avery small and poor country with all of your political might.

    The only thing that saved Honduras was that it stood alongside with the Godess of Truth.

    Thank you for recognizing that our electoral process was proper, but stop acusing us of having left the “Path of Democracy” for we did not.

    That is nothing more than a phrse coined by some speech writer for Hillary Clinton and she probably thougt it was cute, but it has hurt a friendly country very deep.

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