Weekend Storms Cause Damages

COPECO spokesperson, Lisandro Rosales, told reporters that storms on Saturday caused damage in the San Ignacio sector of Honduras which is in the central province of Comayagua. Roughly 30 houses are without roofs, and approximately 100 were flooded.

Forty-eight houses were damaged in Trojes and nearby communities, all in the eastern province of El Paraiso, and San Antonio de Oriente, some 35 kilometers (22 miles) east of the capital, reported that extremely heavy winds, rain, and hail took the roofs off ten homes and cracked the walls of several others there.

COPECO on Sunday sent aid to 150 families affected by the storms in the Trojes area. Evaluation teams from the agency were dispatched to the areas reporting damage to assess the situation and determine what specific assistance was necessary to help the people living there.

Civil aeronautics authorities reported that over the past few days, heavy downpours have deluged several areas of Honduras. On the good side, the rains have put out several forest fires and have added, although in small quantities, to increasing the water level in the two main reservoirs near Tegucigalpa. The capital has 1.5 million people who are under drastic water rationing due to the drought that has been ongoing since 2009.

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