Report on The First World Summit of Africans

The Minister of Indigenous Peoples and Afro-Hondurans, Green Luis Morales, presented his report on The First World Summit of Africans to the Cabinet of Ministers on Tuesday at the Presidential House.

The Summit was developed in response to resolution 64/169 of the Organization of the United Nations, which declared 2011 as the International Year of Indigenous Peoples. Honduras in the spirit of the UN resolution, implemented resolution PCM 003-2011 by Executive Decree.

In his report, Green Morales said that in the organization of the Summit, four committees were involved: a National, International, Inter-Institutional, and the Executive Secretariat in charge of the Ethnic Community Development Organization (Organización de Desarrollo Étnico Comunitario – ODECO), convener of the Summit.

After thanking the presidents of the three branches of government and UN agencies who provided crucial participation, Green gave some statistics from the summit, attended by 480 representatives from 53 national delegations of Garifuna communities and English-speaking black persons.

The summit was attended by 25 representatives of indigenous communities, and 420 international delegates; there were 32 government representatives.

He highlighted the extensive coverage it had both from the international and national press, where more than 100 journalists gave prominence to the Summit. Overall, the Summit brought together 1,063 delegates from 43 countries.

The next Summit will be held in Spain in 2014, with a preliminary meeting in Panama. Spain’s Afro-descendant organizations will begin their work with the support of the City of Madrid. The Universidad de Alcalá will be the headquarters.

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