Zelaya Distraught – Pepe Indifferent Over Constituent Discussion

Former President Manuel Zelaya addressed a letter to the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP) warning that the call from President Pepe Lobo for a dialogue with those wanting to convene a Constituent Assembly is a trick by the Government.

In the document issued by Zelaya, it says that “FNRP colleagues, I received the news with skepticism that the system in place from the coup has made public its intention to invite a dialogue, without setting any course of agenda, which seems to me, clearly, a legitimate trap.”

“Comrades, we stand firm on this position, a dialogue takes place between parties who come to meet under the idea that there is good faith on both to reach agreement. In this case, one party is making fun of the good will of the other. We have the desire for peace for the entire people,” he said.

According to Zelaya, “the regime’s good faith is required, and before anything, they should remedy the wrongs resulting from the constitutional breakdown of Honduras.”

“All the people in resistance, especially to fellow Liberals of the resistance, who informed me that I also have been invited; I make it clear that I never authorized or will authorize it. I have not been cleared, or indicated for someone to represent me. Therefore, the person who answers this call, makes it in contravention of the personal will of the resistance fighting for the reconstruction of democracy,” he stated in his letter.

Manuel Zelaya Rosales asked for “conditions of absolute respect and sincerity as we convene, an agenda where everyone is present; Otherwise, we continue to fight for our rights and the freedom of Honduras that they will not rob us of forever”.

President Porfirio Lobo appeared unbothered by this intervention by Zelaya.

President Lobo stated his decision for the dialogue was made after the High Commission of the OAS stated that Honduras should discuss the installation of a constituent if they want to return to the Organization.
Lobo did not see a problem in discussing the constituent assembly, so invitations went out to society representatives to meet on the issue.
The President said he wanted, “to know what they think of the national situation, what ideas they have, what changes they want. For me it is important to listen to all sectors and find a consensus.”

“There are sectors that are for a constitutional change, others who are not, and others who have no opinion. I have to listen to everyone, and believe me, you achieve a consensus through dialogue,” Lobo Sosa reiterated.

At first the opposition appeared receptive, but after Zelaya’s letter,
some inferred they may not attend the dialogue, and were waiting for approval. President Lobo’s response was that the Zelayistas were an ideological mess. On one hand they call for a constituent assembly, but on the other, now they do not want to talk about it.

President Porfirio also remarked that Zelaya needs to realize he is no longer the President of Honduras, and should concentrate his efforts on doing good for the country through his position in PARLACEN.

The former President Zelaya was sworn into the body in a closed-door session consisting of only the PARLACEN board. He did not attend the first meeting of PARLACEN, which has ramifications yet to be determined.

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