Zelaya Meets Castro

Manuel Zelaya met in Havana with Cuban leader Raul Castro, one day after the former Central American president announced he had a plan of reconciliation for Honduras. Zelaya was accompanied by his daughter Xiomara, and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez attended the meeting.

The stop in Cuba was part of Zelaya’s Latin American tour denouncing the “deterioration of democracy” in Honduras.

Saturday’s Communist-party paper, Granma, showed the two sitting in front of a wood-paneled wall, but did not say what they discussed in Friday’s meeting. It was Zelaya’s first visit to Cuba since Honduras political crisis began.

The ousted Honduran president lives in the Dominican Republic as a “guest” of the local government since President Lobo took office on January 27th.

One Response to "Zelaya Meets Castro"

  1. Axel Reyes Bogran  May 17, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Zelaya is offering a solution to the problem he created, what a joke !!!.

    And he is talking about the lack of proper Democratic Process in Honduras while sitting with Castro in Havana, Cuba.
    Hello !!.
    All we need now is for Ms. Clinton to jump in and say that she agrees with Zelaya, the man that tried to usurp the authority given to him by the voters when he attempted to change (ilegally and anti-constitunially) the lenght of the term for which a President can seat in Honduras, ironic is it not that the most directly benefitted would have been himself.

    Besides, is Cuba the proper place from which to cry in defense of Democracy ?
    I do not think so, for over 50 years that country has trampled upon the freedom to choose the leadership of it by rigging elections, redesigning the concept of free elections by getting read of contestors for the positions in the executive power.
    Zelaya speaking from Cuba is like him reminding us of how little love he has for the country that saw him be born.
    I can only hope that Porfirio ‘Pepe’ Lobo sees the need to pronounce himself against this attack, since he was democratically elected by the people.
    Zelaya, on the other hand, lost his chance when he broke the Constitution of Honduras, lets not forget that very important poin.

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