Zelaya to Head Petrocarib Energy Consortium

Manuel Zelaya is going to bat for Venezuela. He will be playing a new role this time: leading an energy consortium which plans to allow poorer Caribbean and Central American nations to buy oil from Venezuela on preferential terms.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered the role to Zelaya. Manuel Zelaya Rosales told the Venezuelan state television that he plans to “strengthen the democratic process” in Latin America.

Chavez has used the wealth of oil in his country to further his vision of a united continent, free of “U.S. imperialists” to develop a leadership role outside of Venezuela, and into other Latin American countries.

One Response to "Zelaya to Head Petrocarib Energy Consortium"

  1. loui ayala  March 8, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Free of U.S. imperialism you said? what about a lifetime slavery for ” CHAVEZ” like ” the peolple in Cuba with grandpa Fidel? They are just full of lies , what they want is power and control….tell them to go to their on “hellian country.

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