Honduras National Police Confiscate an AK-47 made of Gold with Diamonds and Emeralds

Malverde Mural

Angel of the Poor, Generous Bandit, The Narco Saint

The Honduran law enforcement discovered an arsenal of weapons in “Ciudad Jardín” locatade in the municipality of Choloma this weekend; amongst the loot they found a designer made AK-47 of pure gold with encrusted diamonds and emeralds. The shield of the Malverde Saint of the Narcotics Traffickers was engraved on it and the arsenal is believed to be that of the drug lord in charge of the Mexican Zetas Cartel.

Preliminary valuation of the Golden Ak-47 has been estimated at $50,000 US Dollars. The entire lot of weapons confiscated from hidden compartments in 5 vehicles is worth an estimated value of $2 million US Dollars.

Among the other types of weapons confiscated were 32 pistols of various calibers, 15 high powered attack rifles among them the Golden AK-47,  and AR-15, 2.23, grenade launchers, 4 night vision mask, two passports, 4 40 millimeter grenades, and 2 bayonets designed for the attack riffles.


Gold AK-47 Confiscated by Honduran Police

The successful confiscation of the arsenal of weapons including this Gold AK 47 along with two silver cartridges was made possible thanks to tips filed with the Honduran National Police by residents of the city of Jardín de Choloma, located 300 km to the North of the Honduran Capital city of Tegucigalpa

The weapons have been put in the care of OABI ( Oficina Administradora de Bienes Incautados ); Administrative offic of the Confiscated Assets division of Honduran Law Enforcement.

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